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Superior Kitchen Remodeling Done Quickly

Transform your home for the better with the kitchen remodeling services from Lewis Restoration Inc. in Medina, Ohio. Whether you want a complete overhaul of the kitchen or a few minor changes, we have the plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, and painters on staff to handle every aspect. We can rip everything out of your kitchen and start from scratch for a completely new look and feel.

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No Subcontractors

Our team will handle all of the work — none of it is subcontracted out to companies you're unfamiliar with. That means you'll be more comfortable with the work and with the people doing it. It also means there won't be any unnecessary delays in your project because we don't have to wait on a plumber or electrician to show up. Our combination of quality and speed means you'll get superior work done quickly. A full kitchen remodeling typically takes up to a month, but we usually finish the job in half the time.